Tour overview

This 15 day bird & wildlife tour visits Ghana, a West African country has only recently become popular with birders. It is one of the easiest places to see the rare White-necked Picathartes, and has a supporting case of a good number of Upper Guinea endemics.

While most of the birding will be in the bird rich forest areas of the south, we do visit other habitats including savanna grasslands and wetland areas for water birds. This itinerary also covers the northern dy areas including the Egyptian Plover site and the southern forest, but a shorter tour which concentrates on the south part of the country including the Picathartes only can be arranged if required.

Tour Accommodation

Accommodation is usually comfortable western style hotels with private bathrooms with a couple of more basic hotels in or near the national parks.

Tour Difficulty 

This is a fairly straight forward tour and will suit people of moderates fitness and upwards. While there are no really long steep treks, the Picathartes site is about a 45 minute walk and the route up to the famous canopy walkway at Kakum has a short stepped section. A few park roads are unsealed and may be rather bumpy at times, main roads are generally not too bad. Weather will be fairly hot but it should be dry and not particularly humid.


  • 14 nights accommodation
  • Meals as itinerary (check PDF itinerary)
  • Transport including fuel
  • Guide services of tour leader
  • Site & entry fees

Not Included

  • Travel insurance and other emergencies
  • Visa fees and entry clearing fees
  • Flights (Domestic or International)
  • Drinks & snacks
  • Laundry
  • Items of a personal nature

Day 1 - Arrive Accra

Arrive Accra. Afternoon locally at Sakumono Lagoon where there is a variety of birds including Black Heron, Senegal Thick-kneeCollared Pratincole and Long-tailed Cormorant.

Day 2 - Shai Hills & Kakum National Park

Starting in the nearby Shai Hills for Mocking Cliff-ChatStone Partridge, Violet Turaco and much more, we travel west first to Winneba for Flappet Lark, Copper Sunbird, Senegal Batis and a variety of cisticolas before arriving at Kakum National Park.

Day 3 - Kakum National Park (1)

Birding the primary forest of Kakum including a visit to the Kakum canopy walkway. There are at least 5 hornbills and 6 species of raptor that we can hope to see plus many other species.

Day 4 - Kakum National Park (2)

Visiting another area of Kakum.

Day 5 - Ebekawopa Forest & Ankasa

Birding Ebekawopa Forest in the morning before traveling to Ankasa, Ghanas only pristine wet-evergreen upper-Guinea rainforest.

Day 6 - Full day in Ankasa

Full day in Ankasa. Hartlaub’s Duck, African FinfootAfrican Crowned Eagle, Great Blue and Yellow Turacos, Red and Green-tailed Bristlebills. Olive Long tailed CuckooWhite-bellied, Blue-breasted, Chocolate-backed and Shining-blue Kingfishers a variety of greenbuls and hornbills.

Day 7 - Morning around Ankasa & afternoon Kakum

Early morning at Ankasa then back to northern Kakum where African Piculet is a real possibility, also Black and Cassin’s Spinetail, Western Nicator and malimbes.

Day 8 - Visit White-necked Picathartes site

Morning birding northern Kakum then travel to the White-necked Picathartes site in the afternoon.

Day 9 - Mole National Park (1)

Setting off north to Mole National Park. where we hope Standard-winged and other nightjars in the evening.

Day 10 - Mole National Park (2)

Full day in Mole Beautiful and Pygmy Sunbirds, Bar-breasted Firefinch, Lavender Waxbill, Northern PuffbackWoolly necked Storks, Hadada Ibis, Abyssinian Ground Hornbill, and a large number of raptors including Bateleur, White-headedHooded and White-backed Vultures, Lizard BuzzardLanner Falconand the perhaps the amazing Pel’s Fishing Owl.

Day 11 - Mole National Park to Bolgatanga

Travel Mole to Bolgatanga and look for Fox Kestrel.

Day 12 - Bolgatanga area birding

Birding the Bolgatanga area looking for Dark Chanting Goshawk, Swallow-tailed and Northern Carmine Bee-eatersAfrican Mourning and Namaqua Doves, and of course Egyptian Plover.

Day 13 - Bolgatanga to Kumasi

Bolgatanga to Kumasi with Black-faced Quailfinch a highlight.

Day 14 - Kumasi to Atewa

Kumasi to Atewa. We will visit the amazing Bobiri butterfly sanctuary where there are 420 species of butterfly recorded hoping to see birds such as Swamp Palm Bulbul, Bronze-naped PigeonForest Woodhoopoe, Red-chested Cuckoo, Green-headed Sunbird, Marsh Tchagra and more.

Day 15 - Atewa to Accra and onward flights

Atewa to Accra. Early morning near Atewa looking for Longtailed Hawk Nimba Flycatcher, Yellow-throated Cuckoo and Blue-headed Bee-eater before arriving in Accra for the evenings onward flights.